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Dravin grew up in Defiance, Ohio. He lived in Defiance most of his live, though he has moved to other towns like Hicksville, Edgerton and Fairview. His favorite artists consists of DJ Machinima, Allen Walker, and Skillet. Dravin listens to Rock, Rap, Contry, and Edm music, though this is one of his favorite songs. He likes music maker games like My Singing Monsters.


Things Dravin likes to do are bowling, playing and collecting card games like Yo-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering,and playing video games. He also likes to play D&D or other RP games. Dravin also likes to draw, play with legos, and make things from wood or scrap items. Different things he makes range from swords and shields to runes and decorations. Dravin is also in the Defiance bowldog team.
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Others cool things Dravin does or own

Dravin owns a Nentendo 64. He also enjoys riding his bike and likes to cook. He also owns cosplay items of Ebony and Ivory and of a roman short sword and greatsword. Dravin will soon to be making games and websites with Mr.Geigor's help. Dravin also wants to help on the designs of video game characters. He has plenty of different designs for different things, from guns and swords to capes and coats. And on the pong page is the Pong game he made.

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